Jacquel Rassenworth on Disneyland

Disneyland: aerial view, August 1963, looking ...

Disneyland: aerial view, August 1963, looking SE. New Melodyland Theater at top. Santa Ana Freeway (US 101 at the time, now I-5) upper left corner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is the 60th anniversary of the opening of Disneyland, and as such, my high school friends decided to kidnap me and bring me down to Anaheim for my birthday.

Coincidence? I think not.

After the success of Walt Disney’s movies, he decided to use some of the profits to open up a park where imagination roams free. That place was Disneyland and the year was 1955.

Now today, the park (which they said would be shut down in six months), boasts a huge success with many fun rides (some what got turned into movies) and fun things to do and see. So if you haven’t already, I suggest that you plan a trip to Disneyland now. Your kids and your peace of mind will thank you later.