Jacquel Rassenworth on Paper Towns

And I’m just rolling my eyes once again.

I really shouldn’t have watched this movie because it bored me to tears (and not in a good way). I thought I was done with teen dramas after committing the unforgivable mistake of watching “The Fault in Out Stars“, but I was wrong.

Plus, I’m technically too old for teen shows and movies anyway, since I turned 19 years old about a week ago.

If you’re over 16, spare yourself the pain and don’t watch this movie. You’ll thank me someday.

Jacquel Rassenworth on Pixels

English: SVG version of Prickätarpucken.jpg

English: SVG version of Prickätarpucken.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, it’s official.

Hollywood is starting to pick itself back up after two decades of great movies that really should have flopped instead of succeeded.

And the best way to celebrate this unexpected victory? By injecting 1980s pop culture into today’s world and causing nothing but trouble.

Oh crap!!!

I’m done here.