Jacquel Rassenworth on the Big Finale

Well, consider yourself mind blown.

Last night, I was treated to a bombshell that was so huge that it blew up the Pretty Little Liars universe. (I highly recommend that you are sitting in your seat for this because if you’re not, you’ll lose your footing.)


Cece Drake is “A”.

Is your mind blown yet?

Here’s why this reveal will shock you:

It all began with Ali being born and her brother Charles being obsessed with her, as if she was a doll. (Dollhouse reference, anyone?) That obsession led to Charles attempting to drown Ali in a tub. That incident led the Dilaurentis family to sending Charles away to a mental hospital. (Because Charles was crazy.)

Still not convinced? I have more.

Charles was once friends with a girl named Bethany Hamilton (who was just as crazy as he was), until a murder tore apart their friendship. Combine that with the fact that Charles was transgendered and his mother covering up the bad things that he did and you have a recipe for one messed-up character.

And as for the rest of the story, Mona tormented the girls until she met Cece (aka Charles) and revealed everything. When we get to the meat of the story (when Cece meets the girls), we find out that Cece tortured the girls because she felt that they had betrayed Ali.

Now you know.

Next up, well, the future is limitless because we can create a kinds of scenarios featuring the girls as adults.

My reaction to the finale: Mind. Blown.

See you next time.