Jacquel Rassenworth on January 2016

Well, it looks like we are now in the new year. So, happy new year, everyone! This time, I’m going to be amping up this blog, which means that you’ll be seeing more reactions from me about anything that you like. Plus, I will explain why I Gave “Star Wars: the Force Awakens” a very low rating. (Yeah, a bunch of people are giving me some serious hell over that, but I will not apologize for anything!)

To be perfectly honest, 2016 is not going off to a good start, as we have to deal with the death of Natalie Cole. Yes, this woman’s wonderful singing voice was silenced forever today. Seems like Death just doesn’t give us a break now, does it. (I will deal with Natalie Cole in another post.)

Anyway now that the future has came and passed, the possibilities are limitless. Now if you excuse me, I have some sick moves to try on my new hoverboard, if I don’t fall off and get hurt first.