The Grand Adventures of Jacquel Rassenworth, the Meme Girl (StoryADay Post)

Source: The Grand Adventures of Jacquel Rassenworth, the Meme Girl (StoryADay Post)

Here’s my review of this story:

I didn’t particularly like this story, as it didn’t represent me. The story claimed that I defeated my enemies using the power of memes. Well, I tell you now, I have never used a single meme to hurt anyone, not even a bully.

(Plus, I don’t advocate using memes to humiliate people.)

And here’s a line that really bothers me: “With that, no one in the school was safe from me and my memes. Not even the teachers would be able to escape from me if they did something bad. But no one knew that it was me making up memes and spreading them all over the school.

First, I must say I never humiliated a teacher using memes, and I don’t go around using memes to make fun of people. Who wrote this piece of crap story, anyway???

Another line: “But when it came time for me to attend high school, I used the Internet to expose people who did things that I didn’t like and made those people into memes.” What makes you think I would do something like that? I wish I could find the person who wrote this drivel about me and make him into a meme. Nobody makes up lies about me and lives. NOBODY!!!