Jacquel Rassenworth on the 2016 Oscars

OK, so now that the #oscarssowhite controversy is over, I have some things to say.

First, I think Chris Rock did a good job hosting this year’s Oscars, no matter what they say. I really enjoyed how he skewered racism and called Hollywood out on being a sorority. (I guess it’s time for me and the gang to get together and have a long talk about how we need to change some things around here.)

And now to get to the good parts:

Leo DiCaprio FINALLY gets an Oscar. Well, it’s about god damned time, too! Next, we need to track down Sean Astin and give him an Oscar. (And correct the mistake Hollywood made when it failed to give him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Return of the King. That wasn’t cool, guys!)

Also, Mad Max: Fury Road steals six Oscars. (Maybe I should have given that movie a chance. I’m a terrible movie watcher sometimes.)
Lady Gaga’s performance made me cry. (I’m glad she redeemed herself from the Superbowl fiasco.)

What I liked about this year’s telecast is the ticker tape that was placed under the winner’s names that described the people they were thanking in their speech BEFORE they got their award.

When the presenters present their award or a movie, a short description of what movie they were nominated for appears under their name.

Chris Rock taking to the streets and asking random people about the #oscarssowhite controversy and what movie they liked best. Also, the part about those people making their speeches while holding a replica of an Oscar was funny.

(Plus, still NOT over the deaths of Christopher Lee and Leonard Nimoy.)

Well, now that that’s over and done, I can FINALLY get back to making memes about how SEAN ASTIN should have won that Oscar in 2004. Can we fix that, Hollywood? PLEASE???