Jacquel Rassenworth on R+L=J

Yes, yes, and 1,000 times heck yeah!

R+L=J is fricking confirmed!!!

All hail Jon STARK (not Snow), the King in the North!

At the same time, screw you, Cersei Lannister! I don’t care why you did it, but there’s no excuse for killing all those people! The Tyrells, Sand Snakes, and Danaerys Targaryen are coming for you!

If not, then Jaime is going to choke the life out of you. (After all, it’s your fault that Tommen is dead.) You are the biggest villain on Game of Thrones, and I hope that you get what you deserve one day.

Plus, I’m super glad that we saw Ned and Lyanna before she died. Also, as she dies, Lyanna tells Ned the truth about her marriage to Rhaegar and begs Ned to protect her son, who turned out to be JON.

Now you know. All hail Jon, the King in the North.

I’ll be back with more.