Jacquel Rassenworth on Tim LaHaye

Well, it seems that death just can’t stop taking people we like, can it? No matter if you’re famous or not, death will get you. Especially if you’re a Christian. (Right now, I have a target on my back for taking their side instead of siding with everyone else.)

Today, Shara sent me an email detailing the death of popular Christian author Tim LaHaye. Of course, I didn’t know who he was, but Shar tells me that he wrote the popular end-of-the-world series “Left Behind”. (And such a fitting title too, as people are beginning to fall off the path of they don’t fit in.) I remember when my cousins wouldn’t let me read the books and shoved that Harry Potter books in my face. (That’s why I don’t see them anymore.)

Maybe I’ll read the books now.

So he’s getting his Heavenly reward and my cousins will get their eternal punishment, in the form of Balrogs whipping them.

OK, maybe I should stop right here. Nobody wants a picture of Nicolae Carpathia with an ugly mole on his face. I will make a meme out of him.