Jacquel Rassenworth on August 2016

Well, the month of August has begun and guess what? It’s back to college for me!

Being that it’s my second year of college, I’m going to have to put this blog on hold (at least until the Olympics begin) and concentrate on my work. But not to worry, though, as I’m usually diligent about working. Plus, having to study for a degree in English isn’t exactly easy, as I’m notorious for writing very short blog posts, especially on this blog.

(Maybe I should go back to writing Stale Grapes News articles, but that’s a given. I know I’ve been neglecting that due to everything that’s been happening this year.)

Anyway, unless something significant happens (hopefully Donald Trump’s presidential campaign ends for good, as he’s becoming more and more of a jerkface as the time passes, making Hilary Clinton look like a more viable choice in who should become president of this great country we called the United States, and please God, make this happen!) I’ll be back tomorrow!