Jacquel Rassenworth on the Rio Olympics 2016

LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!! (I waited four years for this.)

As of right now, I’m over my grandpa’s house getting ready to watch the games (and still pissed that I can’t go because of stupid Zika ruining everything for the people of Brazil. Curse you, Zika!) and having high hopes that the Olympics would help bring about world peace. Some of us, however, have been through a lot due to everything that happened this year and because of that, we need to set our differences aside and celebrate what brings us together.

And the only way to do that is to introduce sports to the world in the form of the Olympics.

And what I’m wanting to see is if Michael Phelps still has got it. (I want to see him win a few more gold medals and show that Ryan Lochte that he means business. That, and if Usain Bolt can defend his “fastest man in the world” title. (Who knows?)

Anyway, I’ll be here for two weeks to show you what I think about the Olympics, so stay tuned!