Jacquel Rassenworth on the Chicago Cubs (FINALLY) Winning the World Series

Frick yeah! Finally, something good happens in 2016!

If you haven’t heard the news by now, I will say that last night, instead of working on my projects, I watched the Chicago Cubs take on the Cleveland Indians at the world series on TV.

And guess what?


As far as I can tell, my great-uncle had gone to watch the Cubs at the 1948 world series, you know, when that curse was placed on the team by some disgruntled man whose goat ruined everything for the fans. Plus, he was beyond pissed when in 2003, some member of the audience ruined the Cub’s chance to win that world series.

Well, safe to say, Uncle Darius can now die a happy old man, as his favorite team has won.

So take that, you Cleveland Indians fans, and tell them Jacquel Rassenworth sent you!