Jacquel Rassenworth on Election Day 2016

Did I cover the election already? No? OK, let’s do this.

Okay, so I go to the polling place and everybody stares at me, all of them wandering why I did not write any blog posts about the election. Well, here’s my answer:

I really don’t like that Donald Trump and I think he is a complete jerkface who really should be put away for all the horrible things he did and said. And I will admit that if he wins this botched election, I’m moving to Mexico. Screw you, Trump; you’re making this country look bad.

And as for Hillary Clinton, I really want to know why people are so against a woman being president? She has all that she can get the job done and if I hear one word about her email scandal, I’m going to find the offending person and break their tongues! I’m tired of hearing about that crap and it should say in the past. Seriously. Nobody has time for that!

Okay, I’m now on poll watch, so I will let you know who becomes president at the end of this.