Jacquel Rassenworth on the 75th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack

As we all know, today is the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks. And to be perfectly honest, I’m still shocked that people are still choosing to remember this day while issues like LGBT rights, police hate, and racism dominate the headlines. Plus, there’s the matter about that parasite Donald Trump taking over (please don’t leave us, Mr. Obama!) and the multitude of deaths that I still have to get over.

And I’m sure that Uncle Fargo will tell the story about how he was there when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and how he reacted to it. I mean, we already had enough problems with Hitler and his Nazism, so why would we want to deal with a war with Japan?

Sometimes, I just don’t understand humanity.

Anyway, on this day, I’m sure that in some alternate timeline, Japan attacks the United States and kills more than just 3,000 people. If more people (like say 5 million) were killed, it would make a better story. (But that’s no fun to talk about!)