Jacquel Rassenworth on 2017

Happy New Year!

I’m just glad that 2016 is finally over (and I do have some words to say about that, so don’t you worry) and we can finally start over. But I’m not sure if it’s a good thing yet.

Such as, remember when I told you about my cross dressing cousin? Well, he tells me that the mother of one of the kids he’s mentoring told him to go back to being transgender and stop telling kids that being transgender is wrong. Like what’s her deal? Doesn’t she know how hurtful that is, and especially to someone who was bullied for being transgender?

Sometimes, I don’t understand people.

Plus, my cousin Laurette continues to act like a stupid jerk, and she flunked out of college. What a disappointment, as we expected better from her.

I’m not going to bother you with anymore of my family drama, so get ready for MEMES!!! (You think I forgot about the memes? Never!)