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Jacquel Rassenworth was created by me when I first wrote her story, called Jacquel’s Russian History. The simple story about a girl who lives in her own fantasy world, and yet she cannot relate to anyone her own age soon took off, when I had her meet the Romanov family and she winds up nearly meeting her own death.

I had planned several sequels for the story, but I ended up scrapping them and I haven’t picked up the original story since. Also, I came up with the crazy idea of mixing her in several different fandoms, hence the big fanfiction crossovers with Jacquel Rassenworth.

But that wasn’t enough, as I had to give her a bit more of her own story. A rewrite of Jacquel’s Russian History flopped when I realized that in the year 2001, the September 11 attacks in New York and Washington DC had to be included in the story and I used that to punish her tormentors, Sereno and Tammy Brownstone. (Which was a cheap plot device, but it had to be used)

Anyway, I continued the story of the cruel Sereno tormenting Jacquel in the other stories, with Sereno being found out and punished for his evil deeds. Also, his twin Tammy, is just as bad as he is and she too torments Jacquel. She also gets her comeuppance when Jacquel eventually squeals on both of them and exposes them for the bullies that they are.

On this blog, Jacquel will be telling her own story while everyone else pays attention and learns that the one who uses their imagination is always the winner.

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