Jacquel Rassenworth on Stan Lee

Well, I guess even heroes die.

Today, I just received the news that Stan Lee, the guy in charge of Marvel Comics and responsible for creating many of those comic book characters that you like, such as Spider Man, the Avengers, the X-Men, and Black Panther, had died.

Right now, I’m feeling crushed, and you should all know why. I have spoken about many Marvel movie on this particular blog, and I’m still pretty mad about what happened in Infinity War.

But that’s a whole different story.

I already know that so many of you who are reading this blog are feeling the pain of losing such a great guy, so if you want to express your feelings, please comment down below.

I will provide a list of every Marvel movie I wrote about later on.

As Stan Lee once said, “Excelsior“.

Jacquel Rassenworth on Tim LaHaye

Well, it seems that death just can’t stop taking people we like, can it? No matter if you’re famous or not, death will get you. Especially if you’re a Christian. (Right now, I have a target on my back for taking their side instead of siding with everyone else.)

Today, Shara sent me an email detailing the death of popular Christian author Tim LaHaye. Of course, I didn’t know who he was, but Shar tells me that he wrote the popular end-of-the-world series “Left Behind”. (And such a fitting title too, as people are beginning to fall off the path of they don’t fit in.) I remember when my cousins wouldn’t let me read the books and shoved that Harry Potter books in my face. (That’s why I don’t see them anymore.)

Maybe I’ll read the books now.

So he’s getting his Heavenly reward and my cousins will get their eternal punishment, in the form of Balrogs whipping them.

OK, maybe I should stop right here. Nobody wants a picture of Nicolae Carpathia with an ugly mole on his face. I will make a meme out of him.

The Grand Adventures of Jacquel Rassenworth, the Meme Girl (StoryADay Post)

Source: The Grand Adventures of Jacquel Rassenworth, the Meme Girl (StoryADay Post)

Here’s my review of this story:

I didn’t particularly like this story, as it didn’t represent me. The story claimed that I defeated my enemies using the power of memes. Well, I tell you now, I have never used a single meme to hurt anyone, not even a bully.

(Plus, I don’t advocate using memes to humiliate people.)

And here’s a line that really bothers me: “With that, no one in the school was safe from me and my memes. Not even the teachers would be able to escape from me if they did something bad. But no one knew that it was me making up memes and spreading them all over the school.

First, I must say I never humiliated a teacher using memes, and I don’t go around using memes to make fun of people. Who wrote this piece of crap story, anyway???

Another line: “But when it came time for me to attend high school, I used the Internet to expose people who did things that I didn’t like and made those people into memes.” What makes you think I would do something like that? I wish I could find the person who wrote this drivel about me and make him into a meme. Nobody makes up lies about me and lives. NOBODY!!!

Jacquel Rassenworth on Terry Prachett

Terry Pratchett at Worldcon 2005 in Glasgow, A...

Terry Pratchett at Worldcon 2005 in Glasgow, August 2005. Picture taken by Szymon Sokół. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once again, another great author buys the farm.

This morning, David emailed me a message detailing the death of Terry Pratchett. At first, I didn’t know who he was; not until some guy in my English class started talking about the Discworld series, and then I knew.

Looks like I better get started reading those books now.

But still, it’s sad when great authors like Terry Pratchett are gone, never to produce another great work while people like JK Rowling are allowed to run around the planet unchecked, unchallenged, writing all sorts of crap that never should be published to begin with. Mr. Pratchett will be missed.

Jacquel Rassenworth on “The Maze Runner”

Ok, so last night, we go and see The Maze Runner. I’m thinking to myself what is up with these dystopian stories? Why are people so obsessed with them?

Then I got to thinking that the movie in question was possibly based off from a book, which it was. Also, with the previews for Mockingjay in full swing, I really need to find something else to do with myself. So far, I have watched The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Divergent, and The Giver. All of them were about dystopian societies.

I think I’ve had enough of dystopias.

Jacquel Rassenworth on “25 Hours to Sunrise”

Well, are you guys missing my story? I bet that you are. And why are you missing my story? Because for many years you have all been hoodwinked!

I know that for many years, you have been fooled with stories such as the “Jacquel Rassenworth series“, “The Real Jacquel Rassenworth“, and the best forgotten “Jacquel Rassenworth Reborn“. You have all been given a promise still have my story, yet it has never been delivered.

Looks like it is up to me to give you the real story.

In the story “25 hours of Until Sunrise“, I discover that my boyfriend Sereno has been bullying four boys. In anger, I immediately break up with him and seek to find the other boys. Along the way, I discovered that there are somethings in the world that mankind is not meant to know, and in finding out some of the secrets I unknowingly put myself in great danger.

That, and I must find the boys who were bullied into running away from home.

So, now you know the real story. Look for it to come soon.

Jacquel Rassenworth’s Blog is to be a Book

The spine of the book is an important aspect i...

The spine of the book is an important aspect in book design, especially in cover design. When the books are stacked up or stored in a shelf, what’s on the spine is the only visible information about the book. In a book store, the details on the spine are what initially attract attention. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good news, everyone!

I’m now in the process in turning my blog into a book.

In this book will include highlights from the past year, when I first started blogging, and will include some things that didn’t make it into my blog, such as some pretty hard-hitting issues and news. So you had better get ready for that.

Date of publication has not yet been announced, but I will make sure that the minute that the book is ready, I’ll let you all know.

Another Open Letter to J.K. Rowling

Ok, Ms. Rowling, we’re going to have a little chat here.

I’m getting really sick and tired of you talking about Harry Potter. I mean it. I don’t care to hear about Harry‘s exploits or who he married or anything like that. You don’t need to tell us every single detail of his life to the public.

Stephenie Meyer doesn’t do that with Twilight; in fact, she’s retired those characters and is moving onto bigger and better things. Rick Riordan doesn’t hold press conferences to spew everything about Percy Jackson. So why are YOU doing that.

The world has had enough of Harry Potter. Please stop.

Jacquel Rassenworth Presents The Stale Grapes Network

Yesterday, I made a shockingly unexpected appearance in Claire Violet Thorpe’s novel in progress, “The Beginning of the End“, and here’s what I have done:

It was too bad that the confession ended up on Jacquel Rassenworth’s fake news website, The Stale Grapes Network, under the title “City of Harrison Creek, Oregon has an imaginary friend”: The city of Harrison Creek, which claimed that a 15-year-old girl named Tanya Shinnok had disappeared from her home earlier this summer, was discovered to have fooled the entire country, as an investigation prompted by the F.B.I. revealed that there was no such person named Tanya Shinnok living in the city. I can only laugh as scores of Americans (who were worried about the fate of the missing girl) were fooled into thinking that this Tanya person really existed.

How do I know that Tanya isn’t real?

There appear to be no records of her attending Harrison Creek Elementary School or Harrison Creek Middle School. Two, there was no marriage between her parents, Raven Shinnok and Lucy Dengonatti, as Lucy Dengonatti doesn’t even exist. Third, there is a little girl named Tamara Shinnok, who is the daughter of Raven and Lila Sinclair, who no one has seen or heard from since the Nicholas Hammond Incident eight years ago. Could it be that the fake Tanya Shinnok is the missing Tamara Shinnok?

Will the real Tanya Shinnok please come forward so that we can ask her what the heck she was doing in the city to begin with?

Well, don’t get your hopes up, folks. It’s not gonna happen. Not as far as Tamara is concerned.

I’m Jacquel Rassenworth telling everyone living in Harrison Creek to go shoot themselves.

Well, now you know.

Thanks to me exposing the truth about Tanya, now scores of people hate me for no reason at all, except to hate me. What do you expect? Me to twist up the truth to your own standards? I don’t think so! Of course people in Harrison Creek are going to hate me for exposing a harsh truth about them, but what can I do but break the spirits of people everywhere by force-feeding them stale grapes?

Hence, I shall now create “The Stale Grapes Network“, which will be a news site dedicated to me exposing the truth behind the many lies that are being thrown to the media. Watch carefully, as you’ll never know what truth I might expose next!

Jacquel Rassenworth’s New Role in “The Beginning of the End”

Can you believe that I’m now in a book?

The book I’m in is called “The Beginning of the End (Book 2 of the Green Hill Manor Mystery Series)” and as such, the story is really about a group of kids who are forced to deal with the disappearance of their best friend and ringleader, who many people dislike for a variety of (false) reasons. Also, some kids exist mainly to make the lives of the other kids extremely miserable just because they refused to bully the missing girl.

But that’s not why I’m here.

I’m here to say that I got to hang out with Shar for a good while while scaring off any bullies and/or unwanted guests. Plus, I got to see her stand up to a couple of rich mean girls and even put her uncle in his place.

Way to go, Shar!

Well, I’m off, but you’ll be seeing plenty of me in later parts of the story.