Jacquel Rassenworth on Tom Petty

Well, this certainly is a heartbreaker.

I just found out today that Tom Petty has just died! Dad had sent me that news while I’m still reeling from the news of the Las Vegas shooting. I can’t freaking believe it.

I hate this world.


Jacquel Rassenworth really is done with humanity! 

Ok, enough is enough! I’ve had it up to here with guns! It’s time for this country to end its love affair with guns and learn to live in an America that bans guns from its homes and stores. That’s what we really need to do right now.

I’m done with guns. Comment if you agree with me. Anyone who disagrees will be humbled. 

Jacquel Rassenworth does Comic Con…again!

Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world that is Comic-Con. I (as in your #1 friendly meme master) will take you on a journey to explore what's coming up in the world of fandom.

And here are some of the things you'll love as this year rolls by:

  1. Stranger Things 2
  2. The actor who will play the doctor in "Doctor Who", but I'll get back to that later.
  3. Game of Thrones season 7, episodes 2 and 3.
  4. Star Trek Discovery.
  5. The superhero movies that I'm dying to see, such as Justice League, Infinity War, and Black Panther.

I was going to dress up for Comic-Con this year, but I ran out of time due to my other activities. So I had to buy a Disney Descendants t-shirt from Hot Topic. And I haven't watched the show…yet.

Yeah, that's really embarrassing.

Anyway, thanks for reading this blog post and I'll see you on the internet.

Jacquel Rassenworth on Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2

Well, this just got interesting.

So, last night, I go to watch Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2 and guess what? Nobody else went to the movies with me! I’ll show them who’s the boss when they get back. Nobody turns down a movie invitation from Jacquel Rassenworth. NOBODY!

With that out of the way, lets just say that because of this movie, I’m more than ready for Avengers: Infinity Wars. There’s no other way for me to say it. When all ghe heores show up to take down Thanos, I swear that I will cheer along with the rest of the world. Isn’t that great?

Oh, and I have to buy the new soundtrack to the movie soon.

Anyway, I gotta call this one and force Shar and Maddy to get off their butts and watch Guardians of thr Galaxy with me. And I’m not taking “no” for an answer either!

Jacquel Rassenworth on Debbie Roberts

Talk about a double tragedy!

As I’m surfing the net looking for memes to share with you, I get the news that Debbie Roberts had just died. This makes me very sad, as I’m still in the process of dealing with the death of Carrie Fisher.

Right now, I’m crying for that family, as they now must plan for two funerals.

This is so unfair! What have we done to deserve all these celebrities deaths?

On the other hand, at least Carrie gets to see her mother again in heaven, which is a good thing. But as for the rest of us, all we have are their movies to watch.

Plus, let’s save Betty White from 2016; we don’t need any more celebrity deaths!

Jacquel Rassenworth on Carrie Fisher

I can’t believe it. All I want is to get through the rest of 2016 without any problems and suddenly, I hear that Carrie Fisher has gone to a side of the Force where I can’t follow. 
This is so unfair!

Why couldn’t 2016 have claimed Donald Trump instead of Princess Leia? What have we done to deserve the death of yet ANOTHER celebrity? 


I hate 2016. (I’ve said it enough times already and I’ll say it again. I hate 2016!)

Jacquel Rassenworth on John Glenn

You know what? SCREW YOU, 2016!!!

Just as I was writing my post about john Lennon, one of my roommates told me that John Glenn has just died. I can’t believe it. This year has been full of sads resulting from the deaths of celebrities we like, and now another one is added to the list.

John Glenn is gone. I hope he finds peace in outer space, because there’s nothing but crap here on this earth.

Jacquel Rassenworth on John Lennon

Wow. I still can’t believe that it’s been 36 years since he was shot to death in New York. And to tell you the truth, I still can’t understand why someone would want to shoot him. Whtt did he do that was so morally wrong that it meant he had to die?

All he wanted was a world full of peace, but someone just HAD to mess it all up! It’s not fair!

Excuse me while I play the song Imagine.

Jacquel Rassenworth on the Election Day Results 

So, it’s come to this. 

Last night, our country made a huge mistake and today we’re paying the price for our stupidity. 

Here’s the thing: Donald Trump is now the new president. 

Terrified? Well, you should be. Someone like him, who is the most hated man in America, will now lead our country. I don’t believe it.

Please excuse me while I pack my bags and prepare to move to Vancouver. (Mexico has already sent me a message saying that they don’t want me anywhere near their country, no thanks to that blog post I wrote several years ago. You know which one.)

If anything, I’m sure our British overlords will make this country a potectorate and put a new king in Trump’s place. That’s all there is. 

If you’re going through emotional distress, don’t hesitate to hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. We can’t let him win! 

Jacquel Rassenworth on Election Day 2016

Did I cover the election already? No? OK, let’s do this.

Okay, so I go to the polling place and everybody stares at me, all of them wandering why I did not write any blog posts about the election. Well, here’s my answer:

I really don’t like that Donald Trump and I think he is a complete jerkface who really should be put away for all the horrible things he did and said. And I will admit that if he wins this botched election, I’m moving to Mexico. Screw you, Trump; you’re making this country look bad.

And as for Hillary Clinton, I really want to know why people are so against a woman being president? She has all that she can get the job done and if I hear one word about her email scandal, I’m going to find the offending person and break their tongues! I’m tired of hearing about that crap and it should say in the past. Seriously. Nobody has time for that!

Okay, I’m now on poll watch, so I will let you know who becomes president at the end of this.