Jacquel Rassenworth on Tom Petty

Well, this certainly is a heartbreaker.

I just found out today that Tom Petty has just died! Dad had sent me that news while I’m still reeling from the news of the Las Vegas shooting. I can’t freaking believe it.

I hate this world.


Jacquel Rassenworth really is done with humanity! 

Ok, enough is enough! I’ve had it up to here with guns! It’s time for this country to end its love affair with guns and learn to live in an America that bans guns from its homes and stores. That’s what we really need to do right now.

I’m done with guns. Comment if you agree with me. Anyone who disagrees will be humbled. 

Jacquel Rassenworth on September 2017

OK, so it’s now the month of September and guess what? I’m already done with this year. And you want to know why? It’s because I’m sick to death of everything that’s happening since the year began. I’m already sick to death of this country and I wonder how well we could handle a deadly plague of epic proportions when it happens.

Trust me. We need a disaster to bring us together.

Anyway, not to be all doom and gloom, I bet you all want to know what happened to the Stale Grapes News, as you want your “real alternative, yet unbiased” news. Well, I’m sorry to say that I won’t be doing the Stale Grapes News anymore. It’s not because I don’t like doing the news, but I’ve got far too much to do to make up any news stories. So, sorry about that.

Anyway, I’m glad you’re all still here with me despite my haughtiness. But now I must get off this blog or I’ll never get my homework done.

Jacquel Rassenworth on the 20th Anniversary of the Death of Princess Diana

I can’t believe this is happening. I really can’t believe it. But it’s happening anyway, so what can I do about it?

Believe it or not, everyone, it’s been 20 years since Princess Diana died in a horrible car accident in Paris, France.

Unfortunately, I cannot recall where I was on that day, seeing as I was a baby when it happened. But my dad could tell you that he was about 7 years old when he watched the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana on TV.

To this day, I still despise Prince Charles for obvious reasons. I shutter to think about what his parents went through all the years he was an idiot.

But that’s not what this blog post is about.

Before I go any further, I sometimes can’t help but wonder what Diana would be doing right now when she learns that her sons are settling down and building families. I guess we’ll never know, as she never should’ve died in that accident in the first place.

Oh crap. Now I have the sads.

Jacquel Rassenworth on Eclipse 2017

OK, can I just say what was that? I don’t know what was going on, but this eclipse was majorly unbelievable! It’s like everybody goes crazy when the moon blocks the sun.

I hate to say it, but it won’t be as much fun when the moon blocks the sun and the sky turns blood red and the Cthulhu shows up and terrorizes the world.

OK, I really need to lay off the H.P. Lovecraft and start reading something more age-appropriate. I’m starting to scare people.

Anyway, hope y’all had a good eclipse and I’ll get back to you about Game of Thrones later.

Jacquel Rassenworth Welcomes August 2017

Hello everyone! Hope your summer is going great. As for me, I must admit that being an adult is not at all how I thought it would be. Not when I have to move out of my dad’s house and find a place to live. I envy Shara, who is staying with a friend while she is at Fresno. I’m amazed at how she could find someone to move in with so quickly while I have a hard time finding a roommate. Can’t a girl just be alone without society trying to force her to date another girl? Come on now!

As a result, I’m going to take a 1-week hiatus until I can get something figured out. But as we all know, I always have something done in less than 3 days. 

I’ll let you all know when that happens.

Jacquel Rassenworth does Comic Con…again!

Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world that is Comic-Con. I (as in your #1 friendly meme master) will take you on a journey to explore what's coming up in the world of fandom.

And here are some of the things you'll love as this year rolls by:

  1. Stranger Things 2
  2. The actor who will play the doctor in "Doctor Who", but I'll get back to that later.
  3. Game of Thrones season 7, episodes 2 and 3.
  4. Star Trek Discovery.
  5. The superhero movies that I'm dying to see, such as Justice League, Infinity War, and Black Panther.

I was going to dress up for Comic-Con this year, but I ran out of time due to my other activities. So I had to buy a Disney Descendants t-shirt from Hot Topic. And I haven't watched the show…yet.

Yeah, that's really embarrassing.

Anyway, thanks for reading this blog post and I'll see you on the internet.

Jacquel Rassenworth is now a legal adult

While most idiots celebrate their 21st birthday by getting drunk and waking up with hangovers and a DUI the next day, I decided to be a little more responsible.

As in, I spent a good part of the day volunteering at a mental hospital.

While being an adult is a good thing, I realize I now have to take responsibility for my own actions. Which means I have to learn how to adult and stop avoiding responsibilities like most adults do.

I guess it's time to throw out most of my childhood memories while I still can.